Session VI

After uncovering the secret chamber, the party recuperates before proceeding. They use rope to climb the twenty feet down to the floor. They are immediately confronted by zombies. They take them down quickly.

Their path is interrupted by a chasm created by the flow of an underground stream. Arya and Jerran leap across. Arya lands with grace on the other side. Jerran however, is grabbed by the vine limb of a large root. The plant like thing is not of the living. It is pale, and parts flake in decay. It constricts Jerran, and leeches the blood from his body. Everyone jumps to his defense, but Flynn is grabbed as well. Flynn is dragged below into the stream and is burrowed in the mud. They slay the root, and frantically work to unbury the Halfling before he suffocates. Succeeding just before he was to expire.

Now safely on the other side of the chasm, the chamber appears to be an old temple. Symbols of Aroden (click hyperlink for more on Aroden) are about, an eye with wings. Further into the chamber a throne is seen, a skeletal undead lord fully armored with a burning great sword sits upon it. The monstrous being summons skeleton archers to his aid. Anselmus’s burning sphere quickly dispatches them. Jerran charges the thing leaping into a kick knocking it prone. However it quickly recovers, channeling energy, damaging the party. It points at Jerran and commands him to murder Arya. Arya dodges Jerran’s flurry of blows. With the spell broken Jerran continues his assault on the undead lord, taking the flaming great sword across the chest, before ending the things existence. Quinlan and Flynn heal the party, while Arya searches the throne. In a trap door in the throne, a bag of holding is found, with in it among other things is a book and ancient Taldor gold coins. The books doesn’t appear to be in any language they have seen, and they actually suspect it is written in code. Under the throne is a box, containing the remains of a human toddler. On the skeleton lord’s breast plate, they see that the wings of Aroden symbol have been filed away, and the eye has been bastardized to appear as the blood shot eye of Gyronna.

Returning to the surface, they take the Stag lord’s corpse to the spirit of Davik Nettle. They throw the body to the river, watching Davik materialize to drag it down into his drowning damnation. Shortly after Davik’s trident lurches from the river as a reward.

They make their way back to Oleg’s. The crowds there have formed a tent city. Keston Garess takes it upon himself to notify Restov. The party rests until Keston returns ten days later leading a caravan of wagons.

A new charter from Restov, has been issued:

Be it so known that the bearers of this charter, having delivered the northern reaches of the Greenbelt from the scourge of banditry, having provided detailed maps of the lay of the land, and having done no small amount of work in the exploration of said land and the culling of hostile monsters and the indigenous hazards, are hereby granted the right to rule. The nature and laws of rule are theirs to define, and the well being of this new nation is theirs to protect. In accordance for providing a stable nation to the south of central Rostland, let there be a generous stipend of funds, support, and advice provided to this fledgling nation as a token of Restov and Brevoy’s goodwill, such that future relations between kingdoms might be mutually beneficial. So witnessed under the watchful eye of the lordship of Restov and by the authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

Under the power of this charter the Kingdom of Greenmarch(Neutral Good) is founded.

The city Cinturon is be established at the site of the Stag Fort.

Jerran is appointed Baron.

Fort is appointed General.

Svetlana is appointed Councilor (Represents common people).

Flynn is appointed Grand Diplomat.

Jhod is appointed High Priest.

Anselmus is appointed Magister (Leads higher learning and magic).

Quinlan is appointed Marshall (rural safety).

Arya is appointed as Spymaster.

Keston is appointed as Warden(Leads city guard).

Oleg is appointed as Treasurer.

Auches is appointed as Headsman.

Quinlan questions Akiros as to why he let her go. He did not want to see her corrupted as he was. He was a Paladin of Erasitil, only recently commissioned, when he fell in love. The women was married, and when eventually found out, she claimed rape instead of facing the wrath of her husband. Guards attempted to take him in custody. He slew them instead. He sought her out to question why he was betrayed. Instead of questioning her though, he killed her in the heat of the moment. He escaped, and eventually he was running with bandits. He has done dark deeds, he never thought he could. He is offered a position to attend Jhod at the temple, which he accepts.

Building to begin next week.



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