Session V

Session V: Adventure Company of Critical Failure.


Fort- Tyler

Jerran- Wayne

Arya- Mickey

Anselmus- Jamie

Flynn- Matt

Quinlan- Andrea

+45 days

Following the ambush on the trolls our heroes recover at camp. The rendezvous time comes and Perlavish appears from thin air. He greets the party in his eccentric manner, introducing his companion, Quinlan the Halfling druid. Quinlan is accompanied by her tiger Cringer aka Land shark. She is there to help. She was taken with her brother, Keiran, when the Stag Lord and his cronies came upon their camp. Her brother was beaten badly, unconscious, and nearly dead. She only got away due to a strange colleague of the Stag Lord. He wore the amulet of Erastil right next the Stag Lord’s own mark.

Quinlan fears the worst, and will help in anyway.

Jerran suggest that they enlist additional help from the Sootscale tribe kobolds. Sootscale agrees to offer Mikmek and four others to the heroes cause.

+46 days

The now strange ensemble of Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-elf, Fairie Dragon, and Kobold move south to scout out the fort and plan the assault.

Once there they see that the fort is built on a cleared hill amongst light dense forest. The palisades and watch towers are built of wood over an older stone foundation. Observing the watchtowers they see that each of the three has a guard on duty. They notice that they only appear to be watching the southern approach. Much debate ensues, as to the best tact to use against the villainous bandits. Perlavish offers up his services to scout closer to the “undesirables”, he learns more details of the camp occupants as well as the pass code used at the door.

Arya and Jerran agree to deliver the liquor recovered from Kressle’s camp, in an attempt to get a closer look themselves. They use the pass code to gain entry, unaware of Kressle arrangement with the Stag Lord, unwisely attempt to extort payment. Realizing they may be pushing their luck, they begin passing out the booze to the bandits. Surprisingly, they refuse. The Stag Lord enters the courtyard annoyed by the commotion and is further angered to see his “spirits” being given away. He takes a bottle and chugs, when finished he noticeably appears calmer. He orders Arya and Jerran out, and not to return till Kressle can better train them on his requirements.

At nightfall, the Kobolds sneak close to the gate, setting the bear traps. Perlavish sets his fire-breathing dragon illusion on the fort, using fire arrow support from Mikmek and company to inflict real pain. Four guards stumble upon the traps.

Meanwhile the party moves to the north to make their assault from behind the fort. On their approach they learn firsthand why the watch towers were dismissive of the northern wall, when zombies climb from the ground. They fight off the first wave, and make it to the wall before anymore can make their way to the surface. Arya gracefully scales the wall and leaps across to the watch tower, taking out the bandit without issue. A comedy of errors ensues as Anselmus fails to emulate that grace and nose dives to the ground level below. The others follow, with Jerran, and Flynn taking to the towers with Arya. Fort and Quinlan fall to Anselmus. With the party strength spilt, Anselmus proceeds to the gate side of the fort giving away their presence to the remaining watchtower. The other bandits finally having seen through the illusion and chase away the kobolds return. Jerran and Flynn set their mark on the huge but dumb witted man named Auchs. Dovan sets his eyes on the comely lady Arya, throwing his daggers with deadly precision, as she slays the remaining watch.

Bandits are heard screaming as they set the owlbear free from his chains. The owlbear charges Anselmus, but Fort intervenes. The bear proves to be deadly though as Fort is knocked unconscious, very near death. Quinlan stabilizes him as Anselmus pours a potion down Fort’s throat. Arya leaps down to deal directly with the beast. The group endures finally slaying the beast. Dovan calls his remaining men to action against the group, leaving Auchs alone to deal with the Monk and the Bard. Auchs, while barely knowing how to spell his name, definitely knows how to swing a club. Jerran is being beaten badly, Flynn frantically casts healing to keep him from succumbing to the damage. Jerran manages to knock the man prone with a strike to the groin, turning the tide of combat.

The rest of the group manages to take out Dovan and company with little issue. Auchs, now alone, gives up; pledging himself to Jerran’s cause.

The party quickly regroups, enters the fort to locate the Stag Lord. They find him in his chambers in bed, awake but badly hung over. Fort charges and the remaining group surround him taking out the dastardly man. In the basement they find Keiran chained to the wall, deceased. He is not alone as Akiros, the bandit that helped Quinlan escape, is chained there as well, nearly dead himself. Fort locates a patch of stone floor that is obvious, to him anyways, to have been laid much later than the rest of the stonework. He breaks through, unveiling an underground chamber… To be continued.



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