Session IV

Kingmaker Session 4: Dire Boars, Dire Bears, Dire Straits.

9 Feb


Jerran- Wayne

Anselmus- Jamie

Flynn- Matt

Fort- Tyler

Arya- Mickey

Lorig- Healbot

+ 34 Days

Riding to the east the party steps in to a forest clearing hearing loud grunting sounds of an animal. Tuskgutter the Dire Boar, standing greater than 7 feet at his shoulder, charges out at our Heroes. Fort deflects his advance away while Arya and Jerran move into flank to make steak. Anselmus blasts away with the best of them, and Flynn sings his Songs of Inspiration. Fort takes grievous wound in his gut just before he himself returns the blow expecting to slay the swine. The raging creature continues on, seeing red, it ignores its own ailment. Lorig imbues Fort with power of Iomadae, giving him second wind to carry on. The boar, fast fading, is finished off by Anselmus’s casting. The smell of fresh bacon pervades all around. The party removes the giant beast’s head to gift to Vekkel.


Traveling northward they discover an old ruin overwrought by the eons. Jerran spotting the reflection pool, center of the old court yard, rushes excitedly hoping for an opportunity to bath. Much to his displeasure muddied waters are not to his high sanitization standard. Investigating further, they suspect this is the old temple of Erastil that Jhod Khavkin pined for. Inside they discover much in dishevel, old pottery is broken across the floor. They find old religious texts they gather for safe keeping. Amongst the old tomes, there is a journal, nearing falling apart. Anselmus reads through the text, his comprehension complicated by the dated form of common and faded inks. The book tells the story of the Priest of the temple. It tells of a settlement falling in to chaos, plagued by cultist and evil fey. The priest ramblings seem to be losing faith, and he reaches out to other deities for salvation of the crumbling upstart settlement. Anselmus secures the diary to present to Jhod at Oleg’s trading post.

An unnaturally large bear enters the outside courtyard running towards the party as they exit the ruin. Fort intervenes to cut off the approach. Arya covertly approaches from behind the fallen columns, sticking her rapier through the bear’s kidneys. The full chaos of combat ensues, the party stand strong against the ferocious beast. Once slain the bear fades from being, transforming to a man before their eyes. The man’s corpse ages rapidly before them ultimately turning to dust. The reflection pool immediately shimmers, purifying itself. Attracted by the glimmering light of the pool, Flynn takes drank from the pool. He feels renewed from the stresses of combat. The party follows suit, each taking the time to fill their flask. Our heroes make camp here tonight, in the morning the pool remains clear, however the glow has faded.

+ 36

The next mourning the group departs camp westward. The terrain thickens to dense forest. From thirty feet back Arya notices movement amongst the trees ahead. On second look, they realize it was the trees themselves. Fort beckons the group back to give everyone time to safely dismount. They see this huge mound caked with plant life and mud come to life before them and slowly approach the party. They launch a deadly vile of alchemist fire towards this thing. It hits but the fire fails to take amongst the moist mud caked on its trunk. Realizing the flaw in the plan the party jumps to action. A tentacle comes out of its massive body and grabs Fort off of the ground, constricting the life force out of him. Lorig bravely jumps ahead healing Fort, in doing so, the shambling mound draws out another tentacle taking Lorig into his grasp. The party fights on desperately trying to free their comrades before they expire. Fort breaks free, Lorig calls on the strength of his goddess to keep on. Finally Jerran lays the fatal blow, the grip relaxes just as Lorig was near unconsciousness.

The party makes camp to recover. That night on Arya’s watch, she sees a massive red dragon approaching from the west of camp. The roar of the beast startles the rest of the heroes from their slumber. Everyone jumps in to a panic. Fort as he jumps up realizes his boots are tied together, nearly falling. Jerran lets out a laugh then approaches the beast, petting the thing as everyone else looks on bewildered. The illusion fades away, and high pitch laughter can be heard moving away in the distance.

+ 37

The next morning they head North. They wander on to a relatively fresh corpse nearly cut in half at the torso by a bear trap. They disable the trap, freeing the dead man. Lorig has the party set a funeral pyre.

+ 38

The next day, Fort’s horse rears up throwing him from the saddle. Fort lands safely. The horse falls prone, its leg smashed by the claws of a bear trap. Lorig saves the animal. The party finds five more of these traps, all unmarked. They take them for themselves, maybe to use at camp.

Later on, as they ride along Flynn starts dancing uncontrollably as they go. Jerran and Arya spot something suspicious. Back behind them lights start popping off. Ignoring the lights, Jerran sees the small creature, part cricket, part humanoid. Jerran greets the Grig, startling her as she did not expect to be seen. Next to her a Fairie Dragon materializes before them. Jerran communicates in Draconic, while Anselmus speaks in Sylvian. The dragonette impressed by the use of his languages introduces himself as Perlavish and his friend Tyg Titter-tutt. He apologizes with a giggle about their tricks. He claims this is their forest and they wish to rid it of undesirables. The party communicates they have similar goals, and rely stories of their own efforts to do the same. Perlavish was aware of the temple being cleansed and is very happy to meet those responsible. He tells the party about the Stag Lord and his fort off of Tuskwater Lake. Fort suggests that Perlavish could use the dragon illusion to assist them in ridding the area of the Stag Lord. Perlavish happily agrees, and will meet the party just north of the fort in six days.


The party returns to Oleg’s to rest. They take note of the increase traffic of people passing through. Vekkel is there and happily receives Tuskgutter’s head. Handing over his bow as promised. Anselmus informs Jhod about the temple, giving him the recovered journal. Jhod immediately departs to begin restoring the scared place.

They head to Bokken’s hut to give him fangberries and buy potions.


The party arrives at the rendezvous point early. The set cold camp and observe. The grasslands yields far sight lines.


In the distance they notice the shadows of two large beings marching away westward. Arya sneaks out to get a closer look. She takes note of their large size as the beastly green things stand near 14 feet tall. She returns to pass word, not knowing what they were herself. The party immediately suspects they are trolls. They ride out to confront the dastardly things. Taking position from 500 feet behind, they launch volleys of arrows at them. The trolls turn to close the distant taken massive damage. Anselmus blasts them with fire spells once they are in range. The trolls substantially soften arrive in close range. Fort jumps on one, while Arya and Jerran flank the other. Flynn attempts to hypnotize, taking out half of his party allies while leaving the trolls untouched. Flynn realizing the error of his method breaks the spell, reverting to song. Anselmus blasts away, drawing the attention of one the beast. The party now definitively in control finishes off the gruesome things, taking their heads for good measure.

XP 2400



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