Session III

Kingmaker Session 3: Kobolds are Humanoids too.

26 Jan


Jerran- Wayne

Anselmus- Jamie

Valarion- Derek

Flynn- Matt

Fort- Tyler

Thistle with Slinky- Don

Lorig- Mike

Arya- Mickey (Arriving 5 seconds after Wayne logs off)

+ 9 Days

The evening opens with the party were we left them, camping in the Sycamore tree. They depart in the morning following Mikmek towards the Sootscale tribe village. Upon their arrival Mikmek vouches for them with the guard at the cave entrance and leads them safely past a series of pit traps. One of which had recently appeared to have been set upon. They pass through a room used for “worship”, there was a mural painted in ash and blood that resembled the statue recovered from the mites.

They eventually are lead to a common room where Chief Sootscales is accompanied by 12 of his fiercest Kobolds. The Chief speaks common much better than his cohorts, actually he speaks it much better than the bard…

The statue is presented to the Chief following the brokering of a peace deal. The Sootscale tribe has agreed to leave all human/humanoid settlements/farms under our heroes –cough cough, protection unmolested. Provided the same respect is granted them. The Chief additionally asked for assistance dealing with one last problem TARTUK! He spikes the statue Sharptooth on the deck destroying it, and then marches off to handle business. The party follows Sootscale to the adjacent chamber. He orders the two kobold guards aside and they comply. In the chamber the party sees Tartuk and a caged human. Then most of the party saw their eyelids. Fort, Thistle, and Slinky were the only ones that managed maintain wakefulness against Tartuk’s Deep Slumber spell. Fort and Slinky hacked at the sorcerer while Thistle drew dirty pictures on everyone’s face… uh I mean awakened them. Anselmus, coming to, engages Tartuk in a Sorcerers duel. At least I am sure that is how he will tell it. Regardless the result is the same, Tartuk is dust.

They release the human. He proceeds to tell the party how he came to be here (not really the GM did, because Derek failed to remember the 5 minute back story discussed on the phone the night before). Valarion also received the same charter as the rest of the party. He crossed up his schedule and showed up late. He arrived at Oleg’s a day after the party was last there. Oleg informed him that the group was seeking out Kobolds for bounty in the South. Valarion, trusting his mighty ranger skills, set out to locate the party. He did manage to track down the village. He also managed to fall in a pit trap and to be caged in chamber with a mad kobold sorcerer. We can count that as win, I guess.

Investigating the chamber the party finds Svetlana’s ring. They also find Tartuk’s journal. It turns out he was not a natural kobold at all. He was a gnome. His village was attacked by an ogre, while he was trying to cowardly escape, the roof collapsed on him and the ogre slaying them both. The village mistook him for a hero, reincarnating him. To Tartuk’s sorrow, he returned as a Kobold. Bitter by this development he proceeded to travel to kobold settlements supplanting the leadership, commanding the village to their doom and more importantly turning them yellow. He was well on his way to destroying the Sootscale tribe in this manner when the party intervened. He would have gotten away with too, if it hadn’t been for the meddling heroes.

The group accepts the Sootscale tribe’s offer to feast their new found liberation. They spend the rest of the day eating roasted rat, blacken frog, and steam slugs; yummy! The piss almost tasted like beer.


The next day the party travels north to the suspected location of the bandit camp on the Thorn River. They travel by horseback across a river crossing at a lull spot in the rapids. As they move south they see an abandoned wagon. Thistle calls out the location of an archer about to put an arrow through Fort’s brain, just in time to put the party on proper alert. Bandits pour out from the trees to attack. Everyone manages to dismount with something that if you closed your eyes could be mistaken for grace. Except Valarion, he obviously mistook the ground for a beastly enemy, because he surely stabbed it good with his head. At this point, the party seriously doubts Restov’s vetting process in issuing these charters.

Combat ensues; Thistle entangles the northern approach, allowing for the martial types to hack down the bandits on their southern flank. Flynn finally realizes it is time to be useful again, hypnotizes the group closing in on the cloth wearing types. Jerran does what he does best, with a flourish he leaps 10 feet in the air to come down on an incapacitated foe, whiffing of course. It looked badass at least. Anselmus shoots off what seems like an infinite number of magic missiles and rays. Lorig, shows everyone the power of his god, cutting through baddies with his long sword. Valarion, finally shows everyone something, shooting arrows with a precision that suggest he doesn’t belong amongst this group. Fort, having dispatched the southern group, charges the withdrawing Kressle laying the final death knell.

Victory! The party investigates the camp, finding a note signed by Kressle addressed to Happ, directing him to deliver the liquor crates to the Stag Lord.


The next day the party sets off on more exploration. They find Boggen’s fang berries. They also met Vekkel the pegged leg hunter. Vekkel relays the tale of Davik Nettle. Davik was a retired adventurer that settled in the Greenbelt. He built a crossing, at the Shrike River; a few months back a bandit calling himself the Stag Lord tried to demand tribute. Davik repelled the bandits, only to have them return that night burning down his house. His son escaped, while Davik chased down the brigands to the bridge itself. The Stag lord cut down the rope bridge from under Davik, sending him to a drowning death. Some say that Davik haunts the Bridge today, calling out for his “Tormentors”.

When the party asks Vekkel about his leg, he tells them about a great Boar called Tuskgutter, “The dastardly beast gored right through my leg, sending me to a premature retirement. If you fellows wander across him, bring his corpse to Oleg’s so I can feast on him.” He offers the bow on his back as an award.


All head North to investigate Nettle’s crossing. They are indeed met there by an undead Arnold the governor I mean.. Davik, calling out for his tormentors.

“Kill the Stag lord, and throw his corpse in the river. Do so or I will take yours instead, argggghhh”

The party agrees to do so, and Davik’s undead self, leaves them be.


The group returns to Oleg’s. There they are introduced to Keston Garess, Flynn recognizes the name to be of minor nobility. He states that Restov is very satisfied with the group’s progress both with the bandits and the exploration. A package arrived with an award of 400 gold to help them along the way. He will also send Tartuk’s journal back as evidence that the kobold threat has been curtailed.

Furthermore, Restov has learned that the bandits are run by man called the Stag Lord. They believe that he is based to the far south. If he can be conquered an award of 5,000 gold can be attained. Additionally, with this new found stability, a new charter will be issued granting the right of settlement.

Keston also tells them of a Falgrim Sneeg. He was a sellsword in his service, before robbing Keston, and is believed to be in refuge in the greenlands. If he is brought back alive, Keston will give a masterwork weapon to each member of the party.

The ring is returned to Oleg and Svetlana. Oleg reiterates his appreciation and awards the 1000 gold credit as promised. Oleg and Svetlana then depart to have a quiet moment together; Svetlana eyes are wet with tears.

+34 days

The party leaves the next day exploring the country side. Many days of travel pass. They find an old abandoned gold mine; marking it for later exploitation.

They discovered the tatzlewyrm den dispatching them with ease and claiming their heads.

They freed a blood cougar that had fallen in pit trap.

In the forest the corpse of a dehorned unicorn is found. No other mark of harm discovered. It lays there undisturbed by growth of foliage or insects. A faint aura of Necromancy is detected by Anselmus by spell.

An old statue of Erastil is discovered in the forest.

A ruined building is found. Inside an old skeleton is nailed to the wall. It appears it may have been alive awhile after the time of impalement, due to the bone seemly healing around the spikes. On the wall a faded message appears to be writ in blood, “She failed me, she belongs to Gyronna now. I can not afford delay, my love. I will travel to our monastery on the hillside.” Nothing here appears to have been disturbed in many years. Lorig has never heard of this, Gyronna. Flynn knows her to be a minor hag goddess; cults of ill repute have been known to organize around her.

An unmarked grave is found under the careful stacking of stone. The party was satisfied to leave it be, until Flynn detected an aura of magic protruding from the gaps in the stone. They uncover a decomposed body, the aura coming from a ring made of green wood depicting an eel and frog locked together in the setting. It is identified as a ring of swimming.

They come across a boggard, a frog humanoid standing 5 feet tall, named Garuum. He keeps company with two slurks, toadish slimy slug creatures that Garuum keeps as a mount. They appear to live together in two ruined buildings of indeterminate origin. Flynn knows boggards to be quite mean by reputation. Garuum does not seem to have that same violent streak. When he sees the group he immediately throws up his hands, yelling, “Truce.” He doesn’t appear to know anything else in common. No one knows Boggard, Thistle switches to Sylvain, which Garuum is bit better versed in. They learn that he has claimed these dilapidated buildings as his “Kingdom” and wants nothing else. He was exiled from his clan, when he challenged the leader. Arya attempts to sneak behind him, when Garuum sees her he yells, “Truce!” again, as he takes guard. The group leaves him be. He does indicate to them that there is a temple to the North east and a mean boar to the east.

To the east the party steps in to a forest clearing hearing the grunting sounds of an animal….fade to black.

Thirty four days have passed in game since the group first arrived at Oleg’s in session one.

The Party earned 3,075 XP earning 3rd level. Everyone level up prior to the next session in two weeks.



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