Session II

Session two is in the books. We were missing a couple people. Here it it is:

Fort- Tyler

Jerran- Wayne

Anselmus- Jamie

Arya- Mickey

Flynn- Matt

+4 Days from initial arrival at Oleg’s.

The party decided, since they were shorthanded, to circle back from the believed location of the bandit camp, exploring northward and back to Oleg’s. At Oleg’s they find that a third corpse is dangling from the parapets, it is Happ, the bandit left to Oleg’s care. More importantly the guardsmen (Jhod Khavin, Jarvis Markell, Nathan Bogg, and Weric Donnerak) promised to Oleg from Restov have arrived. The group included a Priest of Erastil, Jhod Khavin. They are charged with guarding the fort.

Jhod mentions that there are rumors of an old temple of Erastil out there somewhere in the wilderness. Jhod wants to know if the companions come across the temple, he is very interested in attempting to restore it. Jerran senses that the priest is not completely forthcoming with something.

Over drinks, Jhod reveals that this area has been attempted to be settled before, always falling due to a number of rumored reasons ranging from Fey, cults, politics, and even dragons; if you put weight in such things. Fort also learns that Jhod was a priest of a small suburb village of Restov. He falsely accused a tanner’s son of being werewolf. He only learned of his mistake after the boy’s execution. The boy was not completely innocent, he was suspected because he had been stalking houses for burglary. Jhod seeks to restore the temple to make amends for actions.

The party presents the moon radishes to Oleg and Svetlana. Oleg gives a sly smile, Svetlana giggles a bit as she takes the sack of radishes inside…

Oleg offers the party 1000 gold credit at the trading post if the party returns him a head of a Tatzlwyrm.

He also has a note from Restov, the Swordlords have heard reports that the Southern Kobolds have been riled up as of late. If the situation is “calmed” in whatever way the party sees fit, you will be awarded with 800 gp.

From Oleg, some of the hunters coming in to the post have been complaining of a trapper to the west that has been leaving his traps unmarked. He also tells them of a hermit to the east that brews and sells potions.

+ 5 Days

The party finds the potion makers hut. He is an old senile man, with a nasty scar across his face. He sells the party two cure light wound potions, the last of his stock. He also offers the party a 50 percent discount if they replenish his fang berry supply (used for potions). The fang berries grow about 30 miles to the south around the banks of the thorn river. The man seems to lose “clarity” often, repeatedly asking Fort why he was there. He does relate the story of his scar. His brother cut him, and then escaped the guards south many years ago. He does not recall his own brother’s name.

+6 Days

Party moves south from there exploring as they go. They come across a giant spider’s den, after defeating it they find a corpse inside. It includes a crude map drawing indicating a “Claw” shaped tree on a small hill, there is an “X” drawn over. The map gives little context to its surroundings, however Jerran using an awesome geography check, believes it is to the south.

+7 Days

They find the tree and the cache of gear wrapped in a heavy leather cloak. Included are a wand and a spellbook. Anselmus identifies the wand of burning hands.

+8 Days

Travelling southwest the party finds an isolated old giant sycamore tree. Arya finds a secret entry into the tree. Once inside they learn that it is a mite lair. The party chops through most of them as they go; at one point Flynn earns his keep, by hypnotizing an entire encounter.

They find a kobold that is caged. He is Mikmek, he explains that they were trailing mites, that he witnessed them stealing goods from a big’ems camp. His group was following them because they are trying to recover their god’s statue, which was taken by the mites. If he fails to recover it, he will be turned yellow! They jumped the Mites, half of Mikmek’s group took the big’ems stolen goods home, he and the others tracked here to look for the statue. The party arms Mikmek and assist with the statue recovery.

Next there is a 30ft chasm in the root system of the tree, Arya spots a Huge Whip-tail Centipede down below. Anselmus cast an energy ray at it. The party fights this 15 ft long centipede from above. Arya uses vines to traverse to the otherside, nearly falling due to booby trapped handholds. Jerran leaps up suspending himself upside down in the vines over chasm in attempt to act as half elven bait, HE SUCCEEDS! The long combat continues until the centipede attacks and knocking Jerran unconscious, prompts an attack of opportunity from Fort, whom slays him. Jerran falls down the 20 ft. canyon rolling away from the corpse of the creature. Arya recovers Jerran, to find that the nearly dead monk is still grasping to life. The party heals him, give him the brass balls award and proceed. They find the statue following the defeat of the lead mite, which was mounted on a giant tick (ewww). The party agreed to return with Mikmek to the Kobold village.

Session ends….

Party earns 1400 xp each, gaining level 2.



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