Session I

SO here is my attempt to regurgitate what happened way back in session one, that I never recapped. I am sure there is stuff missing.

The party meets on the road from Restov on its way to the Greenbelt in the Stolen Lands. In Restov there was a call out for brave frontiersmen to accept charter to explore and enforce law in these outlaw lands.

Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged
by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and
authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the
Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel
within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration
should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and
west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of
this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful
behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry
remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this
24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov
and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of
the Dragonscale Throne.

Day one

The group heads to Oleg’s trade post. There they see it is built in an old abandoned fort. As they approach the gates, they immediately notice that they are hanging loose from their hinges, broken. From inside a repeating tapping noise can be heard. The party draws their weapons as they approach. Within the walls and the courtyard a woman exits a building carrying a nondescript sack that she promptly drops with a panic scream as she looks upon the armed squad standing in the courtyard. The tapping that set the party into alert stops, as a man nearing 40, is seen climbing down on a ladder from the roof. He demands that they identify themselves. The party realizing their error put away their weapons and tell the man about there mission from Restov. Oleg and Svetlana immediately perk up at that news. They had been requesting guards from Restov for three months now.

A group of bandits have been raiding them for months now. Led by a woman named Kressle and her lackey Happs. Oleg tried to stop them but they had twelve men with them. They took Svetlana’s wedding ring right off her hand, with her finger attached. The group concerned consult among themselves, realizing their exploration does not include acting as guardsmen. Oleg overhearing about the charter demands to see it. His mood turns sour again, pissed that the bureaucrats continue to ignore him, and now they look to be settling this area. Pissing him off even further. The party agrees to help in any which way they can. Oleg cheers up a bit, “Good, we expect them back any day now. That bitch Kressle doesn’t even bother to come now, leaving it to her mutt, Happs.”

Fort and Lorig repair the gate the best they can. Anselmus and Flynn take to the walls on watch. Thistle scouts out the countryside finding old tracks, possibly from he bandits previous comings. Jerran and Arya hide away in the storehouse. Nightfall comes and they camp waiting.

The next morning Happs comes accompanied by six men. The party wait hidden away, letting the bandits enter the courtyard, waiting to close off retreat by the gate. Happs impatiently screams out threats and obscenities, looking for Oleg to handover his goods. Oleg and Svetlana continue to hide away in the house. Flynn slams the gate shut as the party jumps out to surprise. They quickly mow down three men, and injure Happs before he turns to run. Happs curses realizing the gate has closed him off. He and the leftovers of his gang surrender calling for quarter. They execute the three remaining lackeys, leaving Happs for questioning. He spills the beans about the Thorn River camp. Kressle runs it and has about a dozen men with her. He draws a crude map. The party promises to spare him to the care of Oleg.

They leave out that day to explore in accordance with their charter. As they ride out, the scream of Happs can be heard. It doesn’t seem that Oleg’s hospitality is to his liking.

Heading east they come across an old hut, they knew from Oleg to belong to a potion brewer named Bokken. Bokken is a old man with a deep scar through his left eye. He scratches at it incessantly. He also seems to be senile. He offers the group potions just before asking them who they are for the third time. He manages to offer them a discount on his wares if they can retrieve fang berries for him before his mind wanders again. Fort asks about his eye, Bokken then babbles on, calling his brother a bastard, “Cut my eye, last time he was hitting on our sweet mother, Desna. Took off south years ago to escape the guards. We lived in Restov then.” Jerran ask for the brothers name, but Bokken doesn’t seem to remember, then begins to introduce himself again for fifth time.


Headed south towards the camp indicated by Happs, the party is ambushed by three worgs. Large vicious wolf creatures. They make quick work of the beasts before proceeding on. They ride on coming across a group of Kobolds eating in a radish patch. The party immediately takes arms, but Jerran intervenes and begins speaking to the small humanoid creatures in draconic. Remembering that Svetlana talked on about how great Moon Radishes were, he negotiates a share for the group to take. The kobolds surprised seem taken with Jerran. Their tribe is way to the south and they know they shouldn’t be here. They speak of a vengeful god named Sharptooth that would turn them, yellow!

End session…believe 900 xp was awarded then.



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